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Westgate Catering
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Cocktail Party

Hors d'oeuvres

***Priced per Dozen***


Assorted Canapés $21.95
Assorted Bruschetta  $18.50
Phyllo Cups with Herbed Cream Cheese  $16.00
Fancy Sandwiches: Triangles, Double Decker, & Pinwheel $17.00
Cucumber Rounds with Salmon Mousse & Wasabi Cream  $17.00
Sea Scallops with Julienne Leeks  $35.00
Curried Shrimp with Mango & Cilantro in Phyllo Cups  $20.00
Chevré and Sundried Tomato on Crackers  $16.00
Grilled Portobello with Herbed Goat Cheese  $17.00
Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Mayo & Crispy Onions $24.00
Caramelized Pear & Brie with Pecans in Wafer Cups  $20.00
Jumbo Shrimp, Cocktail Style  $28.00
Oriental Chicken Salad Tartlets  $18.00
Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Jelly   $22.00
Smoked Salmon on Cocktail Rye  $25.00 
California Vegetable Sushi  $22.00
Deviled eggs $18.00



Assorted Canapés $21.50
Chicken Fingers with Honey Brandy Sauce  $19.00
Breaded Butterflied Shrimp  $21.00
Curried Walnut Chicken in Phyllo Pastry  $20.00
Chicken Wings, barbeque, cajun, or hot  $24.00
Assorted Mini Quiche  $18.00
Assorted Spring Rolls  $18.00
Scallops wrapped with bacon   $29.00
Seafood Stuffed Mushroom Caps  $19.00
Miniature Chicken Wellington  $28.00
Miniature Beef Wellington  $35.00
Crab and Brie in Phyllo Pastry  $20.00
Crispy Asparagus Straws  $19.00
Assorted Skewers:  
spicy cajun shrimp $23.00
balsamic grilled vegetables $18.00
beef with black bean sauce $22.00
chicken satay $22.00

From our experience, we recommend the following as a guide:
Early Cocktail Reception, 3-5pm:  4-8 pieces per person
Late Cocktail Reception, 4-8pm:  8-12 pieces per person
     Before Dinner:    3-4 pieces per person

We would like to suggest a combination of one or two Chef Stations, and some spectacular Presentation Trays
***Priced per Person***

Salmon Carving Station   $15.00
Pot/cheese perogies topping
Served with Capers, shaved Red Onion, & Cream Cheese
on Russian Rye Bread and Mini Bagels

Prime Rib or Baron of Beef Station   $14.00
Served with a variety of Rolls, assorted Mustards, Chutneys, Horseradish

Jumbo Prawns Sauté Station  $16.00
Pot/cheese perogies topping

Moo Shu Wrap Station  $15.00
Paper-thin Chinese Crepes with Hoisin sauce & Vegetables, with
choice of beef, pork, duck, chicken, or vegetarian.

Gourmet Cheese Tray  $3.75 per person

Assorted Seasonal Fruit Tray  $3.50 per person
Grilled Marinated Vegetable Tray  $4.25 per person
Vegetable Crudités and Dip  $3.25 per person
Pickle relish Tray  $1.75 per person
Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with red Current Jelly $75.00
Cheese Wheel with Pesto $60.00

Homemade Daintie Tray  $3.00 per person
An assortment of Mini Sweet Treats,
including lemon & raspberry mini tarts, deep dutch brownies,
vanilla & chocolate cream puffs, pecan streusel, chocolate silk,
macaroon madness, & caramel walnut banana cake… …


Beverage Service Arrangements

Cash Bar

A cash bar is one at which the guests pay the prevailing price of their drinks as they receive them. 
13% sales tax will be included.

Host Bar

A host bar is one at which the guests do not pay for their drinks when served.  The cost is computed at the listed drink price (below) and paid by the host.

Corkage Service Charges

Wine or Champagne Service         $2.00 per person
Wine, Beer & Soft Drinks         $4.00 per person
Liquor, Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks   $4.50 per person
Liquor, Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks  & Table Wine Service           $7.50 per person

Service staff is available at a rate of $17.00 per person per hour
1 Bartender will serve a maximum 100 guests
1 Server will serve a maximum 30 guests

We would like to thank you for choosing Westgate for your catering needs.
We are confident that our culinary expertise & professional service
will meet and surpass all expectations.
We look forward to serving you!

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